Recognizing Engaged Scholarship in Faculty Reward Structures: Challenges and Progress

Posted by Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities on September 5, 2016

Welcome to Metropolitan Universities Vol. 27.2 which focuses on practical and diverse approaches to the challenge of integrating engaged scholarship into academic culture and policies. The articles offer replicable examples of recognizing community-based work at the school, campus and system level and from a variety of urban and metropolitan institutions. As the academic workforce continues to evolve through the introduction of a growing new generation of scholars, every academic institution will need to consider how policies align with changing cultural values and scholarly methods of teaching, learning and research. In particular, these articles highlight the importance of an explicit alignment of policy, values and campus strategic directions. Thank you, Dr. Claire Cavallaro at California State University Fullerton, for guest editing this timely and important issue.

This volume also marks the handoff of the Executive Editor role to my colleague and friend, Dr. Valerie Holton. She is already working on forthcoming issues that promise exciting and relevant insights on important contemporary strategic issues across higher education. Editing this journal was one of the most rewarding activities of my own academic career and I’m appreciative of the many guest editors and authors who contributed over the years. We can be confident that Valerie will take it forward to even greater impact and benefit for our readers. Welcome Valerie!

Barbara Holland
Strategy Advisor
Metropolitan Universities

“As a new generation of faculty is recruited-a generation of faculty who deeply value community engagement and who are interested in new ways to disseminate their work-the importance of answering Boyer’s call (1990, 1996) to redefine scholarship is critical. The rich detail and insights gleaned from these papers can provide valuable lessons for institutions that are working to answer this call to align their faculty reward structures with their values and mission as metropolitan universities.”

~ Dr. Valerie Holton, Metropolitan Universities Executive Editor
Volume 27 Issue 2: Recognizing Engaged Scholarship in Faculty Reward Structures: Challenges and Progress



Recognizing Engaged Scholarship in Faculty Reward Structures: Challenges and Progress
Claire C. Cavallaro

Promoting a Culture of Engaged Scholarship and Mentoring Junior Faculty in the Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Process at a ‘Teaching First’ University
Lisa Krissof Boehm and Linda S. Larrivee

Intense, Pervasive and Shared Faculty Dialogue: Generating Understanding and Identifying “Hotspots” in Five Days
Emily Janke, Barbara Holland, and Kristin Medlin, MPA

Engaged Scholarship: (Re) Focusing on Our Mission
Lisa Kirtman, Erica Bowers, and John L. Hoffman

Promoting Engaged Scholars: Matching Tenure Policy and Scholarly Practice
Katherine Lambert-Pennington

Community-Engaged Faculty: A Must for Preparing Impactful Ed.D. Graduates
Deborah Peterson, Jill Alexa Perry, Lina Dostilio, and Debby Zambo

Rewarding Community-Engaged Scholarship: A State University System Approach
John Saltmarsh and John Wooding

Incorporating Community Engagement Language into Promotion and Tenure Policies: One University’s Journey
Lynn E. Pelco and Catherine Howard

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