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Posted by University of Michigan on November 2, 2015


Volume 22, Number 1 (Fall 2015)

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning

Since 1994, The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (MJCSL) has been the premier national, peer-reviewed journal publishing articles written by faculty and service-learning educators on research, theory, pedagogy, and other issues related to academic (curriculum-based) service- learning and community-engaged scholarship in higher education. The Michigan Journal, published by the University of Michigan’s Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning, contributes to advancing our work.

I am VERY PLEASED to announce that the Fall Issue (Volume 22 Number 1), which is about to be released, contains TWO SPECIAL SECTIONS: one on GLOBAL SERVICE-LEARNING and one on the SERVICE-LEARNING/COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT FUTURE DIRECTIONS PROJECT. See the Table of Contents below for more about these two Special Sections.

The yearly subscription rate for Volume 22, which includes both the Fall and Spring issues (released respectively in November 2015 and April 2016), is $30 (individual) and $40 (institutional). Shipping is included in the price except for Canada ($5) and International addresses ($20).

Volume 22 Number 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS:

  • Service-Learning and White Normativity: Racial Representation in Service-Learning’s Historical Narrative (Melissa Bocci)
  • A Case for Community: Starting with Relationships and Prioritizing Community as Method in Service-Learning (Keith Morton and Samantha Bergbauer)
  • Decoding Ourselves: An Inquiry into Faculty Learning About Reciprocity in Service-Learning (Janice Miller-Young, Yasmin Dean, Melanie Rathburn, Jennifer Pettit, Margot Underwood, Judy Gleeson, Roberta Lexier, Victoria Calvert and Patti Clayton)


  • Reflexivity in Research: Reflecting on the Borders and Boundaries of the GSL Field (Richard Kiely and Eric Hartman)
  • How the I Shapes the Eye: The Imperative of Reflexivity in Global Service-Learning
    Qualitative Research (Emily Morrison)
  • Crossing Boundaries: Tension and Transformation in International Service-Learning, Patrick M. Green and Mathew Johnson, Editors
    (Reviewed by Nora Pillard Reynolds)
  • Working Side by Side: Creating Alternative Breaks as Catalysts for Global Learning, Student Leadership, and Social Change, by Shoshanna Sumka, Melody C. Porter, and Jill Piacitelli
    (Reviewed by Cynthia Toms)


  • Introduction: Special Section on The SLCE Future Directions Project (Sarah Stanlick and Patti H. Clayton)
  • Twenty Years and Counting: A Framing Essay (Edward Zlotkowski)
  • Double Consciousness and the Future of Service-Learning (Gabrielle Hickmon)
  • The Future of Service-Learning and Community Engagement: Asset-Based Approaches and Student Learning in First-Year Courses (Tamara Bauer, Lori E. Kniffin and Kerry L. Priest)
  • Deepening Service Abroad: A Call for Reciprocal Partnerships and Ongoing Support (Kathryn Pisco)
  • A Strategy for Community-Driven Service-Learning and Community Engagement: Fair Trade Learning (Eric Hartman)
  • Engaging Place as Partner (Cheryl K. Siemers, Barbara Harrison, Patti H. Clayton and Talmage A. Stanley)
  • Democratic Relationships in Service-Learning: Moving Beyond Traditional Faculty, Student, and Community Partner Roles (Travis Hicks, Liz Seymour and Allison Puppo)
  • Critically-Reflective Civically-Engaged Academics Shaping the Future of an Academy Striving for Social Justice (Brian Ó Donnchadha)
  • Community Engagement Professionals in the Circle of Service-Learning and the Greater Civic Enterprise (Lina D. Dostilio and Mandi McReynolds)
  • Getting “Real” about Transformation: The Role of Brave Spaces in Creating Disorientation and Transformation (Sarah Stanlick)
  • Transforming Higher Education Through and For Democratic Civic Engagement: A Model for Change (John Saltmarsh, Emily M. Janke and Patti H. Clayton)
  • A Call for a National Strategic Plan (Jeffrey Howard and Sarah Stanlick)


  • Longing For Justice: Higher Education and Democracy’s Agenda, by Jennifer S. Simpson
    (Reviewed by Arthur S. Keene)
  • Engaging in Social Partnerships: Democratic Practices for Campus-Community Partnerships, by Novella Zell Keith
    (Reviewed by Barbara Jacoby)
  • Feminist Community Engagement: Achieving Praxis, Edited by Susan Van Deventer Iverson and Jennifer Hauver James
    (Reviewed by Johanna Phelps-Hillen)

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Thank you for your support of the Michigan Journal.

Jeffrey Howard

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