Lead Instructor, District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund

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District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund


General Overview of Position:
The full time Lead Instructor reports to the Director of College & Career Readiness as part of a team of instructional and career coaching professionals.  The position begins September 2012 and ends June 30, 2013, with the opportunity to continue employment for a new fiscal year.

Organizational Background:

District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund is a 37 year-old labor-management partnership of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees, AFSCME, AFL-CIO and fifty Delaware Valley healthcare employers. The Training Fund assists District 1199C members employed by Philadelphia area healthcare providers and the Philadelphia community in seeking entry into health careers and career advancement by qualifying for post-secondary education and industry recognized credentials. In addition, the Training Fund works closely with its employer partners to customize education and technical training aligned to their need for a highly qualified, credentialed workforce. The Training Fund’s 35,000 square foot Breslin Learning Center, centrally located in Center City, Philadelphia, provides ESL, ABE, GED, and Bridge classes linked to career pathway occupational programs in nursing, allied health, health information, behavioral health, and child care to over 2,000 students annually. Approximately, half of the students are union members and half are community residents, including dislocated workers, TANF recipients, and immigrants.  The Training Fund enjoys a national reputation as a model joint labor-management partnership that addresses the workforce needs of employers as well as Philadelphians seeking employment and advancement in the healthcare industry.

Requirements of Position:
The instructor will possess a comprehensive knowledge of adult learning theories and teaching strategies, and the ability to implement best practice methodologies that use problem solving, interactive approaches to learning. Knowledge of the adult learning process and utilization of work-based contextualized material is essential. The applicant must be able to show evidence of teaching excellence and an understanding of the competencies that are required for instructional excellence. A strong interest and experience in designing and using online learning and distance learning is also required. The minimum education required is a Master’s degree in Adult Education and five years’ experience teaching adults in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics with real-life and workforce contextualization as well as the use of technology in the classroom. Knowledge of 21st Century skills and the ability to integrate these skills into basic skills instruction is essential. Strong written, interpersonal communication, organizational skills and computer skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) are required.

Specific Duties:
•    Serve as lead instructor for the CCR instructional team in applying adult learning theories and effective teaching strategies in semi-managed classroom settings.
•    Conduct a needs assessment of instructional practices/teacher competencies at the Training Fund which includes the development of a work plan that identifies instructional skill gaps and strategies needed to address those gaps.
•    Work with the In House Professional Development Supervisor (IHPDS) to ensure individual teacher professional development plans are aligned with the CCR department’s work plan.
•    Mentor instructors to ensure that instruction is aligned with best practice instructional approaches that are not lecture based and focus on interactional, problem solving activities as well as the integration of technology.
•    Track student outcomes on a monthly basis and identify instructional barriers that need to be addressed to ensure student success in making Educational Functioning Level gains and achieving their educational and employment goals.
•    Assist in the development of a standardized curriculum with authentic material addressing multiple educational functional levels.
•    Develop collaborative projects for instructors and coaches to address the workforce needs of adult learners.
•    Instruct one class of adult learners and one class of youth in the areas of contextualized reading, writing and mathematics.
•    Work with learners on activities related to their individual and collective goals of obtaining the GED, obtaining employment and/or entering post-secondary education.
•    Plan lessons in advance using appropriate instructional materials and interactive, problem solving techniques for developing reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking skills.
•    Promote student engagement and collaboration in learning using project-based activities.
•    Develop expertise in the GED 2014 and work with the IHPDS to ensure that the CCR teaching staff are trained in the new GED.
•    Collaborate with the IHPDS and the CCR Director to implement a new instructional design and curriculum (including online learning) that scaffolds the GED 2014 skills and competencies.
•    Administer assessments according to schedule.
•    Attend all CCR Team meetings and professional development.
•    Perform all related administrative duties and reporting such as: completing timesheets, documenting student attendance, academic progress, assessments and submitting monthly reports to the program manager.

Salary and Benefits:
The salary is negotiable. Excellent benefits become available following probation.

Interested Applicants Should Send Resume to:
Carla Butts, MSW
Director of College & Career Readiness
District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund
100 South Broad Street, 10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19110
[email protected]

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