Lead Coach, Achieving Independence Center

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Job Title:  Lead Coach
Achieving Independence Center
11th & Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA
Supervisor:                            Director

Job Summary:  Provide leadership to Coaches, and Life Skills Instructor.  Ensure that their efforts are integrated and is effective in moving members toward self-sufficiency and in meeting program outcomes.  Work with foster care youth and young adults ages 16-21 to create a custom-designed service plan that will help them to achieve their goals toward self sufficiency. Strategize with a dynamic team of interdisciplinary partners to move members toward goal attainment. Responsible for the overall monitoring and tracking of all activities and linkages for member on caseload, and oversight of same efforts for coaches caseloads.  Monitor case management activities as related to the member’s participation and outcomes.

General Statement Of Duties:
– Provide leadership to coaches, life skills instructor, and youth advocates.
– Ability to supervise the work of others.
– Ability to develop resources, and provide linkage to existing resources for the coaching team and related staff at AIC.
– Ability to evaluate the work of others and provide feedback.
– Ensure that the efforts of the Advocates compliment that of other AIC staff in meeting program outcomes.
– Monitor the orientation process to ensure that it meets AIC goal to provide members with a comprehensive overview of benefits to members, includes the assessment process and leads to enrollment.
– Ability to observe, assess and analyze behaviors and processes that impact AIC and provide feedback to the Center Director in timely manner.
– Ability to conduct comprehensive assessments that assist in guiding the member to explore goal and complete action steps leading to self sufficiency.
– Ability to work with other coaches and partner staff in advancing the goals of members.
– Ability to provide linkages for members
– Assist in the orientation process of participant becoming members of AIC.
– Utilize the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment tool to collaborate with the youth in developing a plan that moves the member toward self-sufficiency.
– Works closely with members to develop a plan that is realistic.
– Work with members and partners to ensure that members have access to resources needed to assist them in goal attainment.
– Make referrals to AI Center partners, services workshops and external providers and vendors.
– Complete referral page and add each member to the AIC Database.
– Document member contacts including the date, the type of contact, topics discussed outcomes of the contact.
– Provide ongoing support and counsel to member.
– Communicate with on-site partners to ensure appropriate feedback and follow-up.
– Serves as the primary point of contact for members of the AI Center.
– Communicate regularly with all AIC staff.
– Completes all necessary paperwork to ensure (1) that members move toward increased self-sufficiency and independence (2) are in compliance with program guidelines (3) reflects the Center’s progress toward contractual requirements.
– Provide members with needed directions, encouragement and support.
– Use a variety of strategies, techniques and resources designed to build on the member’s strengths and overcome their barriers.
– Meets regularly with members to identify barriers to goal achievement and develop strategies to manage those concerns.
– Sustains contact with members who become employed to ensure they remain employed.
– Facilitates supportive services for members who are in transition from one job to another, or between education activities and a job.
– Other duties as assigned

Related Skills/Knowledge:
Strong leadership skills.  Ability to relate well with others. Strong communication and organizational skills; ability to relate well with youth and young adults; ability to work well with team, enthusiastic about the mission of the center.  Ability to motivate and influence. Have a personal vision, Ability to evaluate self and seek feedback.  Time management skills. Ability to maintain boundaries appropriate to role of members.  Ability to challenge values and attitudes of either youth or adults in a positive and supportive manner.

Forward resumes to Evelyn Busby at ebusby@aicenter.us

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