Evaluation Study

We are please to share with you a report about PHENND and its effectiveness as an organization. This report was part of a graduate thesis by Dana Kayser, former PHENND staff member, as part of her coursework in the Fels School of Government.  The report, Managing Networks: Our Approach, details a theory of change for the organization and attempts to explore how PHENND’s activities are or are not meeting that vision. The report used a social network analysis tool to explore the relationships between and among key stakeholders at PHENND Campuses.

Read “Managing Networks: Our Approach.”

This report builds on previous work that was commissioned in the summer of 2007 at the beginning of a three-year grant funded project from PA/NY Campus Compact to Institutionalize Service-Learning at area campuses. The report was the first comprehensive look at PHENND as an organization and discusses its affect on its institutional and individual members.

According to the report, “for many university participants, PHENND has been especially helpful in introducing service learning to their campuses, as well as providing resources and information about service and service learning.” Approximately ¾ of the interviewees described ongoing involvement with PHENND as an important part of moving service learning forward at their institutions.

Read “An Evaluation Study of PHENND: Participant Perceptions of a Regional Service Learning Network“.