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Posted by on July 30, 2007

The Scholarly Journal of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education

Youth Theatre Journal is published annually by the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, 7475 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 300A, Bethesda, MD 20814, Phone (301) 951-7977, Email Information about subscription rates and advertising may be addressed by contacting the AATE office or from the website:

Submissions for Volume 22, 2008
Youth Theatre Journal: The Scholarly Journal of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education is a juried publication, dedicated to advancing the study and practice of theatre and drama with, for, and by people of all ages. It is concerned with all forms of scholarship of the highest quality that inform the fields of theatre for young audiences and drama/theatre education.

Special Topic/Themed Issue: The Politics of Youth, the State, and the Child?s Body

Childhood and the child (actual children as well as ideological constructs) make frequent appearances during election years. As both a rhetorical strategy and as symbolic shorthand, the political use of childhood and the child encapsulates the common notion that children are a crucial state resource. This ideological stance also makes childhood a fertile ground for exploring the performance of state building, fear mongering, and the disconnect(s) between class, linguistic groups, and cultural belief systems. This special topic issue particularly is interested in exploring the collision of race, class, sexuality, ethnicity and gender as articulated on and through child bodies in different eras, geographies and imaginaries in the Americas.

How do differing performances of ?state? and/or ?America? intersect with ideological structures of “childhood” including: childhood as idealized learning, childhood as a space of memory, childhood as a space of fear, childhood as a space of discipline, childhood as a space of commodification, childhood as a site for imperial dominance? How do conceptions of “theatre for youth” and ?youth culture? traverse hemispheric geographies through mediatized and live forms, and how do these conceptions operate on the bodies and lived experiences of children and youth? How are differences in the articulation of childhood and its derived discourses (childhood rights; sexual consent determinations; citizenship rights, criminal definitions) addressed across localities, regions, nations and through such performance genres and theatre, music and media for young people?

Contributors are encouraged to make submissions at any time to the editor at the address below. Final date for all submissions is 10 Nov 2007. All contributions should conform to the following guidelines:
? An electronic submission in MS Word format and One (1) hard copies of each manuscript must be presented. Hard copies need to match the electronic submission. Manuscripts should synthesize information cogently in 10-25 double-spaced, 12 pt font pages, excluding selective Works Cited, figures, tables, photographs, et cetera.
? Manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the latest edition of the MLA Handbook or the APA Publication Manual. See the AATE Website for samples.
? For research involving ?human subjects?, authors must verify that they have met the Ethical Standards for the Reporting and Publishing of Scientific Information (see APA Publication Manual, 5th edition, Appendix C) in the cover letter to the editor.
? A cover sheet/cover letter needs to include: the title of the manuscript; the author’s name; affiliation; address; telephone; fax; email address; a brief biographical description of the author and a 100 word abstract of the paper.
? To insure anonymity, the author’s name and affiliation must be struck from the text of the electronic submission and physical copy of the manuscript.
? Only manuscripts submitted with a self-addressed, stamped manila envelope will be returned. Black and white photographs cannot be returned.

For questions regarding submissions contact: Stephani Etheridge Woodson

Please submit papers to:

Youth Theatre Journal Vol. 22
c/o Stephani Etheridge Woodson, Editor
School of Theatre & Film, Arizona State University
PO BOX 872002
Tempe AZ 85287-2002

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