Web-Based Seminars on Hosted Computing for Non-Profits

Posted by on November 17, 2008

“Moving Your Non-profit to the Cloud: A Series of Web-Based Seminars on Hosted Computing for Non-Profits”

Please join Management Consulting Services (MCS), a nonprofit support organization, for a series of web-based seminars on the latest in web based technology for your non-profit.  These trainings will be from noon to 2p.m. on Fridays in December.  Cost is $25, but free for organizations who have subscribed to MCS’s cloud computing initiative.

Sessions include:

*    Friday, December 5, 2008 “Moving E-mail to the Cloud: Branded Email through Gmail” http://www.managementconsultingservices.org/node/122
*    Friday December 12, 2008  “Collaboration Tools in the Cloud: Calendar and Group Sites” http://www.managementconsultingservices.org/node/123
*    Friday, December 19, 2008 “Working Together in the Cloud: Spreadsheet and Documents” http://www.managementconsultingservices.org/node/124

Register for all three: http://www.managementconsultingservices.org/node/125

These workshops are designed to help your organization virtually eliminate it’s costly and complicated IT programs, and move them to no or low cost computing available by way of the internet, known as “cloud computing”.

About Moving IT to the Cloud:

Most nonprofits struggle to develop and maintain basic IT infrastructure to support the core mission work of their organization, not to mention their increasing need for a substantive external online presence.  The constant hardware and software upgrade cycle leaves many nonprofit leaders with the feeling of being perpetually behind in IT adoption and use.  Even when organizations find competent technical volunteers, maintaining consistency over time can be challenging.

In these difficult economic times, nonprofits must find ways to shed expenses and to network more closely with other organizations to fulfill their mission.  A move away from each organization owning its own IT infrastructure to the shared infrastructure of the cloud holds great promise in reducing costs for organizations and to facilitate network building of similar organizations through shared communications tools — greatly minimizing resource use on non core mission tasks.

Cloud Computing: Right Solution at the Right Time

Let MCS move you to the cloud and save money now.  For more information: http://www.managementconsultingservices.org/cloud

MCS believes cloud computing is important given its potential implications for your organizations bottom line in this time of financial challenge.

For small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations, eliminating hardware, software and support costs could reduce their IT expenditures by $6,000 – $25,000  (for a cost comparison for a typical nonprofit organization with 8 staff see: http://www.managementconsultingservices.org/cloudsave ).  Such cost savings would have significant effects on the bottom line of organizations, freeing resources to concentrate on issues of mission.

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