The Art and Science of a Successful College Application: Webinar Series

Posted by TeenSHARP on November 9, 2015

In recognition of the National College Application Month TeenSHARP presents:
The Art and Science of a Successful College Application: Webinar Series
November 10-12 | 4 pm and 7 pm
Register by November 9th HERE

These webinar series are designed to increase the understanding among high school seniors (and juniors) about the college admissions process and proven strategies to produce stronger college applications. During the webinars students will analyze components of real college applications that resulted in admission into premier colleges and Universities. Webinars will feature admissions officers, high-achieving high school students and accomplished college students.

The webinars will cover such topics as:

  • How to compile a list of colleges and Universities to apply to? Students will learn about strategies for creating a college list that results in most acceptances and largest financial aid offers. Students will also be provided with specific suggestions as to the colleges they should consider applying to based on their academic profile.
  • How to prepare an excellent college application? Students will review each component of the college application to understand ways they can flaunt their strengths and downplay their weaknesses.
  • How to select a major? While 70% of college students change their major at least once in their course of their undergraduate studies, many students feel a pressure to declare a major on their college applications. Few realize, however, that a choice of a particular major on the college application may influence a student’s chance of admission.
  • How to write a “winning” college essay? Student will analyze essays that were part of “winning” college applications. Students will be able to brainstorm topics and begin working on outlines for their own essays using the templates provided to them as part of the webinar.
  • How to receive most money for college? Students will learn to compare financial aid strategies and will understand ways they can increase their financial aid offers.
  • What does a high school senior need to do to prepare for college success?

The webinar series consist of three 1.5-hour-long webinars that will be offered in the afternoon and evening as part of the College Application Months:

  • November 10th: How to Compile Your College List?
  • November 11th: How to Prepare a Winning College Application?
  • November 12th: College Success Begins in Your Senior Year (includes Financial Aid and Scholarships).

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