PHENND Seeks VISTAs for Nonprofit Fellows program

Posted by PHENND on February 8, 2022

Join a cohort that works to strengthen communities and alleviate poverty by building capacity at local Philadelphia nonprofits.  Be one of 18 full-time AmeriCorps VISTAs serving in various nonprofits across the region as “PHENND Fellows.”

About this project:

PHENND Fellows places passionate and talented college graduates with local Philadelphia nonprofits as AmeriCorps VISTA members. The program has a three-fold mission (1) Support local nonprofits fighting poverty across a wide range of issues (2) Train and retain local talent to stay and work in Philadelphia and (3) Develop the next generation of nonprofit leaders.

PHENND Fellows will have up to 18 specific sites for the 2022-2023 program year. Each of those positions will be listed separately on MyAmeriCorps and if you have a specific interest in one or more of them, please apply for them directly. You will find all of them once you search the listings using PHENND as the program name.

Benefits & Compensation

AmeriCorps VISTAs commit to a full-time year of service for a minimal living stipend of approximately $15,001 per year. VISTA members are provided health coverage and loan forbearance for any current federal student loans. Upon completion of the full year, they also receive an AmeriCorps Education Award of $6495 that can be used to pay for future educational expenses and/or pay off federal student loans. SEPTA Transpass provided. Note, we expect most sites to return to in-person service, though there may be some that are virtual and/or hybrid.

All PHENND Fellows will also receive extensive professional development as a cohort, in addition to any site specific training. PHENND Fellows participate in monthly diversity/equity training, “Dinners with a Civic Leader,” and other training/professional development. PHENND Fellows are also allowed to take up to two courses at the La Salle Nonprofit Center paid for by the program.  PHENND Fellows will also be provided with a monthly transpass or have local travel (non-commuting) reimbursed.

Post-service benefits include: (1) Schools of National Service tuition discounts at select colleges (2) Employers of National Service and (3) AmeriCorps Alumni Network


  • February 1-May 15 — Application open.  Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis. Expect a phone interview if your application passes an initial review.
  • March 31-May 31 — Top candidates interviewed by one or more host site organization.  Offers made.
  • June 15 — Deadline to accept PHENND Fellow offer
  • August 1, 2022 — Program start date
  • July 31, 2023 – Program end date

If you have any questions, please contact Eden Kainer at or Jordan Burgh,

2022-2023 Sites

View the full list of sites in real time, along with their hiring status. Alternatively, sites are listed below.

Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia

AVP’s flagship program is the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership, a transformative two-year leadership experience for principals with a proven track record of improving Philadelphia’s district, charter, and faith-based schools. The program develops critical leadership skills needed to elevate school performance and student outcomes in their schools and across the city. The VISTA’s role is to design a system for data collection. This system for data collection will serve as the framework from which we will assess community needs and evaluate our existing programs, in a greater effort to achieve our organization’s mission of reducing the cycle of violence in Philadelphia. Apply here:

Big Picture Philadelphia

We work to better support the BPP community as they strive to heal from the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and gun violence while also helping youth build the skills they need to be successful in high school and beyond. Our goal over the next three years is to enrich our health and wellbeing services, which include mental health counseling and basic needs support, and pilot expanding these services to family and community members. The VISTA will develop our community outreach and marketing. More specifically, they will connect with partner organizations we already have deep relationships with and learn from them about local mental and emotional health and food and housing security needs as well as how we can better work together to serve our community. Apply here:

Cradles to Crayons

Cradles to Crayons provides children from birth through age 12, living in homeless or low-income situations, with the essential items they need to thrive – at home, at school, and at play. Cradles to Crayons has a cost effective, recycled-product model that collects gently used and new items from the community. The VISTA’s role will be to increase the volume of collection, sorting, volunteer activity and partner KidPack distribution by 10-15% annually. They will also survey volunteers, hosts, product donors and partners to gain feedback about the program to determine whether the existing hubs are working and are ready to expand or need to make other adjustments. Apply here:

Feast of Justice – 2 positions

Feast of Justice works to address hunger, meet needs, and inspire hope as we work toward abundant justice in Northeast Philadelphia and beyond. We now serve 400 households a week in programs that distribute client-chosen carts of shelf-stable foods, meat, dairy items, produce, grab-and-go meals, diapers, and baby items.

VISTA Position #1 – will work closely with the Executive Director and program staff to create systems for outcome assessment, to compare to nationwide models, and to understand the overall efficacy of our work. The goal of the first year is to learn more about models for impact measurement around food insecurity. Apply here:

VISTA Position #2 – will work closely with the Executive Director, the Site Manager, and the multi-site management team of the hub to enact plans for outreach to residents and partners, to consider models for shared service operation, and to develop educational materials for the community. The goal of the first year is to learn more about the local community and support outreach work for growth. Apply here:

First Up

First Up works directly with early childhood educators and professionals to provide them with best-in-class training and affordable technical assistance to ensure that programs run effectively and meet standards of state and national accreditation. The VISTA will build capacity for the work of First Up by supporting various departments within the organization through outreach and engagement. With the support of the VISTA Fellow, First Up would dedicate more energy to networking with new childcare providers and educating them on the resources available through our organization. Apply here:

Friends of the Rail Park 

Our mission is to build bold, transformative, and inclusive public space that connects Philadelphia’s residents and visitors to the city and each other. Parks can increase connectivity, improve pedestrian access, and celebrate local culture in public space. At the same time, they have the potential to rapidly increase property values and taxes, exacerbating issues of physical, economic, and cultural displacement. The PHENND Fellow at Friends of the Rail Park will expand FRP’s tour program to focus on training and providing compensated opportunities for low income residents of Rail Park adjacent neighborhoods to develop and lead Rail Park tours. Apply here: 

Global Citizen/Girard College

The city program is a partnership between Global Citizen and Girard College to leverage the diverse nonprofit partners throughout the area and promote student service learning. High school students at Girard College will work alongside nonprofit partners, their efforts culminating in a student-run service-learning project that benefits the organization they are matched with as well as the community as a whole.   The VISTA will operate as a liaison between Global Citizen, Girard College, nonprofit organizations, and students to ensure that students are participating in a work placement program that supports their ongoing education (via curriculum development/implementation).  Apply here: 

HIAS Pennsylvania

HIAS Pennsylvania provides legal and social services to immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from all backgrounds in order to ensure their fair treatment and full integration into American society. We do this through four distinct programs: Refugee Resettlement, Asylee Outreach, Legal Services, and Citizenship for Elderly and Vulnerable. We also have health service programs currently assisting newly-arrived refugees to access medical insurance and initial health screening services. The VISTA will identify appropriate regional partners that meet client needs and develop both educational materials and volunteer training to sustainably connect clients to services. Apply here:

JEVS Human Services

For the last 35 years, JEVS has supported people with disabilities to live and work in the community. Providing support as they face adverse socio-economic conditions including unemployment and underemployment. The VISTA will develop a credential program for JEVS’ frontline workers focused on upgrading training and certifications for entry-level healthcare professionals resulting in increased skills, performance, retention and enhanced perception of value and prestige to these positions. Apply here:  

Loving Our Cities

Community development corporation with a mission to enhance the quality of life where we live, work, serve and worship by identifying systemic issues in marginalized communities throughout the greater Philadelphia region and mobilizing people and partners to address them through civic engagement, community programming, education, and workforce development. The VISTA will enhance our volunteer recruitment and on-boarding process to meet the growing demands for our programs and provide an effective and rewarding civic engagement initiative with the aid of a skilled volunteer coordinator dedicated to orienting, tracking, and mobilizing new and returning volunteers. Apply here:

Mitzvah Circle Foundation 

The Mitzvah Circle Foundation helps provide families living in poverty with critical supplies not covered by government assistance programs. The PHENND Fellow at Mitzvah Circle will manage their Teen Ambassador Program. The program was created to engage high school students. The participants are trained to lead groups of volunteers in serving our most vulnerable recipients.  Apply here: 

Nationalities Service Center

NSC provides comprehensive services to immigrants and refugees. This specific VISTA project will work to break families free from poverty by providing newcomer parents and students with the information, support and connections they need to succeed.  The PHENND Fellow at NSC will address the impact of poverty by supporting low-income immigrants to actively engage in their children’s education. This project will work to break the families free from poverty by providing newcomer parents and students with the information, support and connections they need to succeed. The VISTA will develop an education system orientation, recruit volunteers to support families and develop relationships with local education support systems. As a result of the VISTA’s efforts, newcomer families will have the information, support and connections they need to actively engage with their children’s education. Apply here:


Nazun builds communities inspired and equipped to take action against hunger. Our 85+ chapters on college campuses and at community sites come together to fight hunger in two ways: through philanthropy, we raise funds for 80+ organizations annually that provide direct services to people experiencing hunger in real time; through education and advocacy, we build equitable and sustainable solutions that last.  The VISTA will use strategic communications to elevate the issue of campus hunger to national conversation. Duties will fall into two main categories: communications and relationship building. Apply here:

PMC works tirelessly to educate all Pennsylvanians about our courts through educational programs. These educational programs will increase understanding of what can be an opaque legal system for low-income residents who cannot afford legal representation and the resources. 

VISTA Role #1 (Counties) – will build and maintain relationships with local communities to hold informational workshops on the court system, assess areas for improvement in any court-related legal resources and partner with volunteer attorneys, judges, activists and community leaders to address the legal needs of each community. Furthermore, the PHENND Fellow will initiate our PMC Watches program, training and managing volunteers to observe court cases, analyzing and evaluating collected data and reporting on court issues. Apply here: 

VISTA Role #2 (Data) – will provide accurate and comprehensible information to engage all underserved communities in Pennsylvania. The Fellow will survey targeted communities to determine what technologies are most accessible. They will research potential online service delivery methods and devise a strategic plan to develop the most viable models. Furthermore, the Fellow will refine and improve our current data collection strategies, assist in the development of future programming, and create web-based tools for data collection and community feedback. Apply here: 

Philadelphia Academies Inc.

Our priority is to address gaps in opportunities for students. We do this by designing and implementing industry-informed, career-connected learning strategies and school supports that position young people for success in post-secondary education and the workforce.  The VISTA will utilize last year’s findings to create a training plan for partner schools, collaborated on designing trainings with the PAI team, developed a manual with resources for partner schools, and begun to pilot some of the training and coaching techniques with schools, in partnership with the PAI team. Apply here:

Our flagship program is the Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership, a transformative two-year leadership experience for principals with a proven track record of improving Philadelphia’s district, charter, and faith-based schools. The program develops critical leadership skills needed to elevate school performance and student outcomes in their schools and across the city. The VISTA will support our program alumni, “Senior Fellow,” engagement strategy​​ in the following ways: Engaging/re-engaging Senior Fellow alumni, Managing Senior Fellow annual surveying, Tracking Senior Fellow program/event participation, Managing Senior Fellow communication (e.g., e-newsletter). Apply here:

PEF has been a regional leader in addressing educational inequities through direct-service and online programming. Its six embedded College Access Programs (CAP) directly provide post-secondary preparation and guidance to more than 1,700 low-income and first-generation Philadelphia public high school students annually. The PHENND Fellow at the Philadelphia Education Fund will help uncover the “why” behind PEF’s trends that show many CAP graduates still face challenges during their college journeys that inhibit degree attainment. The VISTA will make data-based recommendations for sustainable interventions for these trends, which in turn will inform the basis of a new post-secondary framework. Apply here: 

Philadelphia Futures provides low-income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary for admissions to and success in college.  The VISTA will help to build our organization’s capacity to provide highly effective, data-informed college access strategies/programming for first-generation to college students through the following initiatives: Data Quality and Management, Data Collection and Evaluation, Volunteer and other External Stakeholder relationship management, Support for College Access administrative tasks. Apply here: 

Rebel Ventures is a high-school student-run nonprofit based in Philadelphia. We engage high school students in meaningful job experiences by creating a product called Rebel Crumbles (an apple and whole grain-rich USDA-approved breakfast item) that is served on the breakfast menu in all Philly public schools. Grounded in core values of teamwork, youth power, and radical creativity, we design, produce, and market Rebel Crumbles to the School District of Philadelphia. The VISTA will develop a Rebel Skills Tracker that aligns the learning objectives accomplished through work with Rebel Ventures to common core academic standards and professional certifications; organize and improve Rebel’s strategy to support college/career objectives within our HS crew. Apply here: 

Across the state, we train teachers to advocate for equitable education policies that impact their students. Furthermore, we support teachers at some of the most underserved schools to lead and mentor their peers in order to improve outcomes for students. The PHENND Fellow at Teach Plus will build capacity for the organization’s instructional leadership programs, leading to documented student achievement and teacher leadership gains across at least three different districts and networks, and multiple events and platforms for sharing learnings across the city and state.  Apply here:
The Petey Greene Program supports the academic goals of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people through high-quality volunteer tutoring programs, while educating volunteers on the injustice manifest in our carceral system. Likewise, we collaborate with reentry organizations and providers of education in prison, including colleges and universities as well as GED and high school programs, to offer weekly tutoring sessions held by volunteers recruited primarily among undergraduate and graduate students at local colleges and universities. The VISTA will be responsible for recruiting, training, and managing undergraduate students and members of the community to serve as volunteer tutors for formerly incarcerated students, building capacity for the expansion of our programs in this field, while collecting data for program improvement and evaluation, which will help ensure the long-term sustainability of PGP tutoring programs. Apply here:

YES Philly Center Coordinator establishes and directly manages a continuous calendar of activities, cultural events, and workshops for the benefit of the YESPhilly community. Our community includes our students who have dropped out of school, their families, and local residents, about 90% of whom are in high poverty households that often lack access to information, resources, and opportunities to help them out of poverty.  The VISTA will conduct an assessment of the interests and needs of the YESPhilly Community. Based on their feedback and an assessment of local resources available, the Center Coordinator will draft a process for developing and promoting Center activities and workshops, recruiting providers, and evaluating the effectiveness of each event in terms of meeting the community’s needs and its sustainability. Apply here: 

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