Parents as Consumers in Education

Posted by Social Innovations Journal on June 25, 2018

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The recently published book by Sondra Myers titled, “The People’s Choice: Public Education and American Democracy,” makes it very clear that “public schools will educate nine out of 10 American students so there is no choice but to invest in them if we are to prepare informed and engaged citizens to shape the destiny of our nation.” As a journal focused on innovation, we urge all education stakeholders to work in partnership with parents to ensure that all of our children have their educational needs met.

This edition provides schools and educational institutions with a repository of ideas, models, and knowledge to both engage and partner with students’ parents and families. Hopefully, this edition inspires leaders of schools and educational institutions to engage parents as partners and educated consumers, as many consider family engagement the most critical component to a students’ academic success.

Readers of this edition will better understand how students, parents, and educators can become partners in co-constructing the educational experience; the importance of community oversight in the delivery of services to students with special needs; the perspective of immigrant students in public education; the need for grief education in our schools to support our students and their families; how to effectively engage parents of students who are deaf or hearing impaired; how to cultivate social and intellectual capital; and how unwavering determination, perseverance, and courage are essential to overcoming odds and achieving success. Finally, this edition provides a snapshot of parent engagement innovations occurring internationally and nationally.

We hope as you read the articles you gain a sense of the promise and future of our evolving Educational Sector and the critical role parents fulfill in supporting the success of their children academically, socially, emotionally, and eventually, as contributors to society.

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Nicholas Torres
Social Innovations Journal

We Want to Thank All of the Authors Who Shared Their Innovative Stories and for Making this Edition Possible

Feature Articles

A Social Innovation to Rethinking Parent Engagement
Harris Sokoloff, Ph.D.

The Need for Community Participation and Oversight in the Special Needs Service Delivery System
Michael Owens

Engagement Model Articles

The Slippery Slope of the Summer Slide
Alejandro Gibes de Gac and Amanda Hamilton Roos

English is Not Friendly
Mary M. Schuler M.A.

Innovation Model Articles

Lanzando Lideres: Realizing the Potential of Latino Youth Through Family Engagement in Afterschool Programming.
Yaneli Arizmendi1, RN, BSN, Alexa Salas2, BA, Camilo Toro2, BA

Education is Liberation
Quibila A. Divine, M. Ed; EE, ECE/President of The Educational Advocates Reaching Today’s Hardworking Students, Inc. (EARTHS) and Advisor to PARENT POWER (What Will You Do With Yours?)

Planning for Loved Ones with Special Needs: Familial and Societal Considerations
Lori M. Leathers, M.S.

A Grieving Family’s Route to Resilience
Joe Primo, CEO, Good Grief, Inc.

Listening to Learn: Family Engagement When Children are Deaf or Hearing Impaired
Marguerite Vascconcellos, Ed.D, LSLS Cert. AVT Related Services Program Director, Bucks County Intermediate Unit 22; adjunct professor at Drexel University and The College of New Jersey

Parents: Consumers, Not Just Case Numbers
Mary L. Wilson

The Power of Advocacy
Carolyn Purcell Reichenbach, Esq.

Engaging Families: The Power of a Whole School, Multi-Strategy Approach
Maria S. Quezada, PhD

Lessons Learned Nationally and Internationally Articles

Groundbreaking Program Achieves Educational Success through Stabilizing Housing for Homeless Students
Erin B. Ryan, MSW, MPH, Senior Vice President, The Night Ministry

Recognition and Inclusion of the Native Communities of Argentina
Dr. Germán Pollitzer

Your Child’s Love of Reading Begins with You
Jenny Bogoni, Executive Director, Read by 4th, Free Library of Philadelphia

Building the Network: The Impact of Sparking Civic Engagement in Low-Income Communities
Eric Leslie, founder and lead organizer of Union Capital Boston

Elevating Parents’ Voices to Tackle the Challenge of Retention
Susan Covitz MSW and Jill Brevik, MS

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