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Posted by on December 5, 2003

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*/*/* is an online resource center promoting student voice and student empowerment through meaningful student involvement in school change. The site addresses dynamic roles for students in education reform, including students as education planners, researchers, teachers, evaluators, decision-makers and advocates. includes powerful examples, unique publications, and far-reaching research collections, as well as interactive discussion forums, idea banks, and the popular National Student Activist Map. If you are concerned about schools and students, is a powerful resource for YOU.

Features include…

*Examples of Meaningful Student Involvement in Action
Stories of dozens of schools where meaningful student involvement has taken root and is effective, including descriptions, follow-up references, and implementation tips from the field.

*Student Activist Map
Details of students across the nation leading efforts to make schools more effective through social justice, student empowerment, and community organizing.

*SoundOut! Discussion Forums
Users discuss the most relevant topics in several areas, sharing their own experiences, resources and ideas for taking action.

*Meaningful Student Involvement Bibliography
A wide variety of publications are identified and summarized, covering topics including student empowerment, education reform, student engagement, the voices of students of color, student-teacher partnerships, and more.

Websites and organizations across the US and Canada that seek to empower and engage students in school change nationwide.

*Meaningful Student Involvement Newsletter
A monthly collection of information, new resources and funding information summarizing the growing movement for meaningful student involvement throughout education.

*Original Publications
Including “Meaningful Student Involvement: A Strategy for Inclusive School Change” by Adam Fletcher, “Hope for Schools thru Student Activism” by Kari Kunst, “Proficiency, Achievement Gaps, and the Potential of Student Involvement” by Zachariah Webb, our unique “Resource Guide for Students on School Boards”, and much more.


For more information about SoundOut! contact us:

Phone: 360-753-2686
Snail: SoundOut! c/o The Freechild Project, PO Box 6185, Olympia WA 98507

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