New Article: What’s excellent global education, and where is it happening in Pennsylvania?

Posted by Generocity on March 16, 2021

“Thinking globally requires wrestling with the way injustice and inequity stemming from historic exclusion and patterns of colonization is embedded in the very structures of every local place,” says columnist Eric Hartman.

Editor’s note: We’re pleased to publish the first in what will be a regular monthly column on global issues, local insight and action by Eric Hartman, the executive director of the Haverford College Center for Peace and Global Citizenship. Hartman is the cofounder of the Community-based Global Learning Collaborative and vice president of the Pennsylvania Council for International Education (PACIE) and, since 2019, has been a frequent guest columnist at Generocity — writing and co-writing (with Stephanie Keene) a number posts that have made it onto our “best read” list.

Only a generation age, global education almost exclusively referred to going abroad for learning experiences. Today, many educators and community organizers understand that quality education includes capacity for global thinking and civic engagement from one’s home community.

The earth’s ecology is profoundly interdependent; people have always migrated around the world. Making progress on environmental sustainability or equity and inclusion requires locally situated understanding and action, within an understanding of global patterns, structures, and history.

With thanks to Generocity, I’m beginning a monthly series on opportunities Pennsylvanians and our neighbors have to advance insight and action that address the global challenges of justice, inclusion, and sustainability. We are inescapably interdependent — ecologically, geographically, and historically. And Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, along with many of the upcoming events profiled below, embody that interdependence.

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