Neighborhood Advisory Committee Coordinator, Partnership CDC

Posted by on July 11, 2011

NAC Coordinator, Partnership CDC

Posted on: July 1, 2011

Position Summary

The Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) Coordinator assists the Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD) in providing citizens with an adequate opportunity to participate at the neighborhood level in an advisory role in planning, implementing and assessing of activities in a specific geographic area. Further, the NAC Coordinator shall contribute to the direct delivery of service funded by OHCD by referring clients to housing counseling, weatherization counseling and BSRP counseling as well as City sponsored services to include code enforcement, neighborhood clean-up, town watch and neighborhood security, and recycling activities.

The NAC Coordinator has internal contacts with the entire administrative staff and external contact with community organizations, vendors, and contract administrators. This position has access to sensitive company and community information and is expected to handle such information with integrity and professionalism.

The NAC Coordinator has management responsibilities for the department and will report to the Executive Director and participate in department activities as necessary.

Essential Functions

A. Administrative

1. Maintain record keeping of all NAC meetings, events, and projects including copies of advertisements, sign-in sheets, agendas, participant feedback forms, etc.
2. Maintain database of all NAC participants including name, organization, contact information, and data on the number of persons requesting and receiving services.
3. Maintain files on each partnering organization to include partner agreements, documentation of joint initiatives, and key contacts.
4. Maintain individual files on all NAC constituents. Include a plan of action form that describes complaint/concern and follow-up steps.
5. Prepare and submit a monthly report and other requested reports to the Neighborhood Program Coordinator per established guidelines.
6. Prepare and present monthly reports of qualitative analysis to Executive Director.
7. Prepare monthly reports and submit to Director of Programs & Policy for tracking and Business Manager for invoicing.
8. Compile and maintain current information regarding neighborhood organizations, community development corporations, schools, and other institutions in the service area.

B. Program Implementation

1. Develop annual program agenda focused on key program initiatives to include workforce development, land-use planning, housing education, and the environment and energy conservation. Program agendas should include informational seminars, community service projects, job fairs, health fairs, and special events such as keynote speakers, movies, field trips, etc.
2. Host quarterly service area briefings among rotating locations on current information relevant to the key initiative areas and other emerging issues identified by the Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD). Ensure that an OHCD Program Manager is present at the meetings.
3. Hold a minimum of ten (10) monthly Advisory Board meetings throughout the contract period. Ensure the Neighborhood Program Coordinator is invited to four (4) NAC Board meetings during the contract period.
4. Effectively advertise upcoming NAC community meetings utilizing available resources to maximize attendance.
5. Coordinate activities with other NAC providers as appropriate.
6. Produce and distribute a quarterly newsletter related to NAC activities, events, and updates.
7. Assist in identifying key barriers to positive quality of life and offering solutions.
8. Coordinate the recruitment and utilization of program volunteers.

C. Services

1. Compile and maintain current information regarding neighborhood conditions, vacant lots, structures requiring demolition, deteriorated occupied housing, and general block conditions.
2. Make recommendations regarding Sheriff Sale, vacant land or properties for acquisition or disposition to support community development projects.
3. Review and recommend appropriate development controls and uses for parcels owned by other City agencies that are to be used for development projects.
4. Actively assist in the marketing of publicly owned land and properties scheduled for development in the service area.
5. Assist in the disposition of vacant land which may be developed as side yards, community gardens, parking lots or other open space through a program of open space management.
6. Develop a current list of all block clubs and block captains in the service area and help organize block clubs on those blocks without established clubs.
7. Assist with the completion and provide general information of the procedures and application process for the Small Vacant Lot Abatement Program (SVLAP).
8. Assist OHCD Neighborhood Program Coordination staff in the planning and coordination of neighborhood based training workshops in support of OHCD funded and supported housing, and housing related programs and activities.
9. Assist in promoting programs designed to address various issues, including but not limited to, literacy, truancy, youth violence, and teen pregnancy.

D. Program Information and Referral Services

1. Provide information on various OHCD funded programs to residents of the service area.
2. Advocate on behalf of PHA tenants regarding repairs and/or other services.
3. Act as a referral center for service area residents for all City Departments and programs relating to special services for groups such as senior citizens, the disabled, and income-eligible youth.
4. Refer eligible persons and households for a comprehensive range of housing counseling services.
5. Carry out activities to promote self-sufficiency. Such activities shall include, but are not limited to, making referrals to employment/training programs, providing information about education programs and training opportunities designed to help people out of poverty, and promoting literacy programs for all service area residents.
6. Provide information regarding energy conservation programs and energy assistance applications for fuel and/or weatherization.
7. Work in partnership with local community based organizations, private sector businesses and institutions, and branches of government to cultivate new economic opportunities for service area residents.

H. Management Duties

1. Provide management of Neighborhood Advisory Committee department and staff through independent judgment and decision-making.
2. Regularly direct the work of department support staff.
3. Perform management functions for the department such as hiring, firing, performance evaluations, disciplinary counseling, salary recommendations, workload distribution, communication, recognition activities, and employee relations.
4. Prepare a departmental budget, participate in the organization’s budget preparation process, and operate within budget limitations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

A. Demonstrates ability to carefully set priorities, meet deadlines, delegate appropriately, and schedule time efficiently.
B. Ability to operate a computer and use a variety of common software programs including Microsoft Office products.
C. Ability to follow-up timely and follow-through with strong attention to detail.
D. Basic understanding of urban environment and urban/social relationship.
E. Familiarity of basic zoning regulations, environmental and energy conservation issues, home ownership education, and job development practices.
F. Knowledge of city services and uses resources effectively.
G. Demonstrate ability to be politically savvy and effectively operate within neighborhood politics.
H. Ability to travel to service area events and meetings.
I. Ability to supervise and direct the work of others.
J. Familiarity with operating office equipment and standard clerical practices.
K. Demonstrates ability to follow oral and written instructions.
L. Demonstrates ability to work with other people through a cooperative effort and practice effective conflict resolution.
M. Possesses strong interpersonal skills as demonstrated by compassionate, courteous, cordial, cooperative, and professional interaction with co-workers, external business partners, and the community.

Minimum Experience: 3 – 5 years relevant experience with emphasis on community services and programs. Preferably in a non-profit community based setting.


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