Major Federal Nutrition Program Changes

Posted by Coalition against Hunger on January 17, 2023

On December 29th, a federal spending bill (Consolidated Appropriations Act) was signed into law, funding the government through next September. One of the major provisions in the bill creates a permanent Summer EBT Program, starting in summer 2024. While this is a win for children, who miss out on school meals in the summer months, this program is partially paid for by prematurely ending Emergency Allotments, the extra SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) payments that families have been receiving in the second half of each month.

We are incredibly disappointed by the premature ending of Emergency Allotments, which have served as a lifeline for families throughout the pandemic, and we know this cut will result in hardship for SNAP participants. While we are excited by the creation of the permanent Summer EBT program, anti-hunger programs cannot be funded by cuts to other existing anti-hunger programs. Taking money from SNAP to pay for a Summer EBT program will not ultimately solve the issue of food insecurity.

Emergency Allotments (EAs) Are Ending: SNAP EAs will be distributed for the last time in February 2023, resulting in a large drop in benefits for SNAP participants starting in March. We understand how difficult this change will be and want to make sure everyone is aware that it is coming. Please help share our flyer, about this change and additional resources available, widely among your communities. Learn more.

SNAP Emergency Allotments are currently being distributed for the month of January. To learn more information and find out when to expect your payment, see our EA Flyer for January.

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