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Posted by HE-SL Listserv on November 14, 2023

In a recent post on the Higher Education Service-Learning Listserv a faculty member was seeking information about community partner impact tools.

Here are the responses:

Jen Magee, Swarthmore University: You can view the tool we use here. In 2018-2019, the Lang Center constructed a survey informed by the Campus Compact Community-Based Learning – Community Partner Survey and the Carnegie Classification for Community Outreach and Engagement. Every other year since then, we have gathered insights into community partnership impacts, areas for growth, and challenges that might not otherwise be brought into the informal, ongoing conversations that are commonly a feature of our campus-community partnerships. Also, after the responses are received, we convene with partners to review the data, discuss findings, and share ideas for enhancing the partnership and advancing shared goals.

Roudy Hildreth, Ph.D. CU Boulder: Here is an article me and my co-author’s offer an introductory frame to name different dimensions of impact. There is not a question bank, but a table.

Joy Doll, Creighton University: Hi all, this might be helpful.

Barbara Moely, Tulane University: Devi Miron and I published an article on community partners’ impressions of their university collaborations, in Volume 12 of the Michigan Journal. You can see it here.

Eric Hartman, Haverford College: Here are a few recent resources related to the fair trade learning approach to ethical partnerships and their assessment. Several institutions use this approach both domestically and internationally, though less has been written about it domestically. The Gendle et al., piece below really advances the full question bank approach.

Amerson, R., Parker-Manderson, J., Garrison, C., Finleyson, S., Kunkle, M., & Santos Dominguez, C., R., (2021). Fair trade learning evaluation of a global partnership. Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education, 13(1), 27 – 38.

Eichbaum, Q. G., Adams, L. V., Evert, J., Ho, M., Semali, I. A., & van Schalkwyk, S. C. (2021). Decolonizing global health education: Rethinking institutional partnerships and approaches. Academic Medicine, 96(3), 329 – 335.

Gendle, M. H., Senadeera, B., & Tapler, A. (2023). A novel instrument for the community-centred assessment of outcomes resulting from visits by foreign student groups. Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement, 16(1), 1–9.

Reynolds, N., MacCarty, N., Sharp, K.V., and Hartman, E. (2022). Using the Fair Trade Learning framework to improve the outcomes of engagement between universities and off-campus partners: Applications and implications for program design. Advances in Engineering Education, 10(1): 1 – 31.

And an overview.

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