Briefings on SEPTA Key alternatives for nonprofits

Posted by SEPTA on June 25, 2018

SEPTA sets briefings for nonprofits on “key cards” for clients

As part of the continued rollout of the SEPTA Key fare program, the sale of Tokens at SEPTA locations including the removal of Token Vending machines has been completed for individual riders. While this will not change the way you currently bulk purchase and receive Tokens, this news provides an opportunity to update you on the SEPTA Key program and the plan to replace Tokens with a new SEPTA Key fare product.

The full transition of the SEPTA Key program for Transit (bus, trolley, trackless trolley, Broad Street, Market Frankford and Norristown High Speed Lines) is expected to be completed in the next 30-60 days. We have already outfitted all buses, trolleys, and subway stations with the new red Fare Validator for fareboxes and turnstiles; Fare Kiosks have been installed at Transit Stations; and SEPTA Transit Sales locations no longer sell paper TransPasses or Tokens. More than 600,000 customers now have the reloadable contactless chip SEPTA Key Card including individuals who use the Travel Wallet feature in place of Tokens and Paper Transfers.

SEPTA Key has introduced the Partner Program, a new purchase website and distribution process for organizations that currently buy SEPTA fare products, eliminating the need to go to one of our Sales Offices to complete a transaction. Registration for this program is available by visiting here (link is external) and selecting the Partner Program tab, then clicking the Institution Registration button.

Recognizing that the reloadable SEPTA Key Cards may not be ideal for all client transportation needs, we created the SEPTA Key Partner Pass to replace Tokens and One Day Convenience Passes. The new Partner Pass products mentioned below can be purchased in bulk for future distribution as they are not activated until first used on SEPTA. The fare type will be printed on the front of the Pass for ease of use by clients with mental health, medical, or other challenges. When you elect to join the Partner Program, you will be able to begin making advanced purchases for the following fares:

Two 2 Transit Trips – Replaces 2 Tokens
• Valid only for travel by one person
• No transfers
• Not reloadable
• Not valid on Regional Rail
• Pass not active until it is tapped at a Validator

One Day Convenience Pass – Replaces the Paper Convenience Pass
• Good for up to 8 trips on Transit
• Trips must be taken on a single day by one person
• Not reloadable
• Not valid on Regional Rail
• Pass not active until it is tapped at a Validator

To assist organizations make the transition to the SEPTA Key program, we held an initial series of briefings in March, April and May to introduce the Key program to our Agency Partners and answer your questions. Additional briefings will be held at SEPTA Headquarters, 1234 Market Street, 3rd Floor Auditorium on July 11. Sessions will begin at 10:30a.m. and 11:30a.m. on both of those days. Please select one of the dates and join us.

A video presentation pertaining to this program is available here.

Tokens will continue to be available for purchase and your clients can continue to use them at bus and trolley fareboxes. You may be aware that Tokens can no longer be deposited at subway turnstiles. Instead, the token is inserted in the Fare Kiosk to buy a “Quick Trip,” which allows entry to the station platform, when swiped at the turnstile. Fare Kiosks are located at every Subway Station to complete this transaction. These changes are part of the plan to streamline fares and make payment self-service.

Also, please take a moment and email us at an update of your contact information. Please include the contact person name, telephone number and email address. Also verify the proper mailing address for the contact person. We want to make certain we have current contact information so that you can be alerted to any enhancements made to the program.

We look forward to working with you as your organization transitions to the future of fare payment in our region and we hope that you will be able to attend one of our SEPTA Key Partner Program briefings

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