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Posted by on October 08, 2012

Welcome to Our America’s Tomorrow Newsletter!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of America’s Tomorrow. This new PolicyLink e-newsletter will lift up bold, innovative, and effective policies, practices, strategies, campaigns, and ideas that create greater equity and move the nation toward prosperity for all.

America is changing. Today, the majority of babies born in this country are Latino, African American, Native American, Asian, or other people of color. Within the next three decades, the majority of our population will be people of color. This shift has already occurred in four states and 49 metropolitan regions across the country.

At the same time, the nation is recognizing that inequality—which is reaching into white communities as well as communities of color—is weighing down our national psyche. We must find a way to pull out and move forward. A focus on equity, rather than being a divisive issue, has the potential to unite the nation around an uncommon vision—one that is win, win, win: good for the people, good for the economy, and good for the nation.

This reality is putting equity in a whole new light. Leaders from business, education, government, labor, faith groups, youth organizations, and more are recognizing that equity—just and fair inclusion—has become an economic imperative in addition to a moral one. And this insight is inspiring a wave of enterprising strategies to create a new type of economic growth model that is driven by equity.

That’s what our newsletter is all about. On a regular basis, we will bring you the latest developments in the movement to create opportunity for all. We’ll highlight fresh thinking and cutting-edge solutions. We’ll profile visionaries and equity champions. We’ll track progress toward building public will to sustain prosperity and democracy.

The newsletter will often focus on a theme. Today’s highlights the growing momentum around efforts to create opportunity ladders for young people, especially young men of color. Forthcoming issues will focus on job creation, regional organizing, and more.

Please send me your thoughts about our inaugural issue and your suggestions for future newsletters at To learn more about the case for equity as the superior growth model, please read the report America’s Tomorrow, which we produced with our partners at the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity.

Angela Glover Blackwell
Founder and CEO, PolicyLink

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