Trauma-Informed Teaching Series

The theme of the 2020 PHENND Fall Institute was Trauma-Informed Teaching in Online Settings and it was so well-received that we organized an additional meeting on the topic in January of 2021.  When it became clear afterwards that there was still a great deal of interest, we developed a three-part series for educators in the Philadelphia region to collectively learn about trauma, how it manifests itself in classroom settings, and how to change teaching practice to incorporate this knowledge.  In order to ensure that as many teachers as possible are able to participate, we are offering the professional development in a virtual format eliminating the need for travel and alleviating concerns some may have about gathering in person in large groups.

In the series we are working to engage educators at various levels (K-12, higher education, community-based) with varying degrees of experience with trauma-informed practice.  Participants with more experience have been grouped to discuss taking the work to the next level by bringing not just trauma-informed, but “healing centered” approaches back to their respective campuses, schools and organizations.

This series is made possible with support from Bringing Theory to Practice and the Luce Foundation.

To learn more, check out these resources: