College Success Professional Learning Community

In 2023 PHENND began serving as a local partner in Bringing Theory to Practice’s (BT2P) Paradigm Project, a multiyear initiative focused on systemic change across higher education. BT2P is excited by PHENND’s efforts around college success and has invited us to be one of several “emerging models”, working collaboratively with other exemplars across the country on significant areas of educational improvement. BT2P has offered funding to help staff our work.

We are focusing our efforts on collaborating with local IHEs, CBOs and school districts around college success for Philadelphia students, especially first-generation and low-income students. We’re hoping to ultimately have five or six colleges and universities commit to working intensively on college success issues over a three-year time frame. We envision a long-term professional learning community model that exists at each participating institution, coupled with opportunities to come together as a whole initiative.  In this inaugural year, we are joined by campus teams from Community College of Philadelphia and Temple University.

For more information, contact Janine Wright,