College Success Network

PHENND’s College Success Network was formally launched in October 2018 and is aimed at increasing college degree completion among low-income and first-generation students in the Philadelphia region. There is increasing recognition that while the gap is narrowing for low-income students in terms of admission to college, the gap between them and their middle and upper-income peers remains with regard to graduation rates. The College Success Network aims to bring together upper level administrators representing various domains related to student success: academic advising, financial aid, teaching and learning, career services, peer mentoring, diversity and inclusion, and institutional research to name a few. PHENND’s College Success Network offers a webinar series focused on best practices as well as a monthly newsletter, both aimed at sharing resources related to degree completion for low-income, non-traditional, and/or first-generation students.

To learn more and sign-up for the College Success Network newsletter, contact Janine Wright at