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Posted by on July 9, 2004

From time to time I’ll alert you to new information available via our web site: or long-standing links that you may not have seen. Consider this training via email.

Crime Data–As noted in a discussion of the budget, the University of Pennsylvania’s Neighborhood Information System now includes a comprehensive data base of all crimes committed in Philadelphia between 1998-2003, which you can extract by Council District, Zip Code, Neighborhood, or census tract. It’s a terrific resource. We link to it at

JOIN (Jobs and Opportunity to Improve Neighborhoods)–JOIN was a coalition organized by ISCV in the mid-90’s to fight for a sensible strategy for welfare reform, including education and training, child care, reverse commuting, and community service jobs for people who could not be hired in the private sector and government. We won on most of these points–to the extent that anyone can win with Welfare Reform–so the coalition disappeared. The web site remains, however, and I see that it’s accessed several times per month.

So..we’ve updated to the JOIN website to reflect current resources needed by welfare-to-work programs related to benefits, job training, literacy, day care, transportation and human services. We retain the pieces related to the JOIN agenda, since the platform remains what we still fight for. But the web site should be help to groups involved in welfare-to-work and related programs as well.

The web site address is

Funding-This has been a link on the web site for some time, and I’m surprised that it’s not used more often. I certainly use it. On the left margin of the home page, you’ll see buttons linking to various resources on the site. One of them is labelled “Funding.” That goes to page with links to most of the major foundations and corporate donors in the City. At the bottom of the page is a link to a page with links to the major national foundations around the country. It’s a great resource for fund-raising, really, and I suspect most people haven’t noticed it.

The direct link is:

But all these links are easily accessed via the home page.

The crime data link is at the top banner.

The JOIN web page is accessed from a “Welfare to Work” box on the home page.

The Funding page is accessed from the “Funding” button on the left margin.

So..we hope all this is useful to you. That’s what this web site is all about.

Ed Schwartz

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