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Posted on October 29, 2004

Greetings from the National Service Resource Center!

Visit the Effective Practices Collections.

Our newest practices:
Providing childcare to increase participation in neighborhood events
Using tag lines to attract online volunteers
Managing online volunteers: six tips
Using pedometers to help senior volunteers increase activity levels
Integrating entrepreneurship education with service-learning programs
Inviting student voice in a place-based service-learning garden project

Have you submitted an effective practice to the Effective Practices Collection?
If so, we would like you to contact us! Now in its fourth year, the Effective Practices Collection is seeking to update all practices to ensure that our users have the latest information about the practices contained in the collection.

If you are unsure if your program has ever submitted a practice, simply do a search by entering the name of your program in the search box on the homepage at

What is the easiest way to update your effective practice?
Call the National Service Resource Center toll free at 1-800-860-2684 ext 100 for assistance.

As part of the Effective Practices Collection you share an important place with a growing number of national and community service participants who have helped create a network of practical information.

How else do effective practices help you?
Not only are effective practices designed to help program directors and managers meet the daily challenges inherent in service programs, effective practices can deepen your scope of understanding of service issues, as well as broaden your horizons with creative and innovative ideas and methodologies.

If you’ve never submitted a practice and would like to share what works for you or your program, you can submit online, with our easy to use submission form at

What should I submit?
You probably use several effective practices in your program already. Think of the difficulties your program has faced and the solutions that have worked.

And there’s more: The Effective Practices Collection contains nearly 600 effective practices — with this many quality practices in the topic areas of education, environment, human needs, program management and public safety there is something for everyone. Experience this virtual handbook that is based in the experience of program practitioners, the technical assistance efforts of providers and resource specialists, the findings of empirical researchers — and now, you!

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