New Foundations Charter School

Vice Principal, K-8, New Foundations Charter School

Posted on May 15, 2017

Job Description : The Vice Principal works with all members of the New Foundations Charter School learning community to establish and maintain a positive, structured, consistent, caring, standards-driven, and disciplined school culture. The Vice Principal leads the efforts to develop positive school culture and ensure high behavior expectations for all students, develop high quality paraprofessionals, ensure rigorous instruction, engage families, and promote the mission of NFCS through programming and activities.


Ø Key Roles

o Serve as a member of the leadership team

o Works collaboratively with the Principal and other members of the leadership team

o Build a positive school culture through Caring School Community

o Supervision of school paraprofessionals

o Coordination and implementation of lunch and recess program

o Enforce school code of conduct and disciplinary measures

o Feedback and reflection with teachers

o Collaborative planning of professional development

o Manage teacher-planned family involvement activities

o Oversee various student activities

o Involvement with procedures and processes for daily school operations

o Serves as Principal when Principal is absent

o Other tasks as assigned by the Principal, CEO, and Board of Trustees

Ø Areas of Leadership

  • Serves as the leader of the schools’ efforts to maintain student compliance with code of conduct, and reinforce through discipline and positive school culture.
  • Serves as the direct supervisor of assistant teachers and lunch/recess staff through coordination of scheduling, providing training opportunities, communicating regularly, and evaluating performance annually.
  • Works with the staff, students, parents, and community in establishing and maintaining an effective culture and safe climate to promote the improved organizational performance and higher student achievement
  • Engages teachers in observation process, including planning, feedback and targeted support.
  • Collaborates with teachers to plan and implement family based activities such as Family Nights and Parent Workshops.
  • Supervises the lunch and recess program to create a cohesive schedule of activities, supervision, and logistics to ensure quality programming.
  • Provides oversight and logistical coordination of student activities, such as field trips, assemblies, and in-school extracurricular activities.
  • Shares ideas and resources for professional development, faculty meeting, and PLC groups
    Supports Principal and CEO in other efforts as needed

Ø Improving Organizational and Student Performance

  • Designs and implements a program of effective supervision and evaluation of all personnel in the schools
  • Leads the teaching staff in the development, adoption, evaluation, and modification of an effective program of student behavior and discipline that promotes higher achievement
  • Supervises and evaluates all assistant teachers and aides assigned to regular and special education classrooms to assure cooperation with the teaching staff and program coordinators and to provide oversight to students when outside of the classroom
  • Provides training for assistant teachers in the development of skills to improve assistance to the teachers and in support of student learning
  • Creates positive relationships with teachers and other school staff to ensure a productive work environment
  • Develops special and mutually supportive relations with parents in order to provide and sustain consistent expectations for student behavior and discipline
  • Supports teachers in the collection, maintenance, analysis, and appropriate use of data to initiate planned improvement strategies.
  • Provides resources and feedback for improvement in planning, instruction, school culture, and professionalism through observations, walkthroughs, and modeling.

Ø Accountability for Results

o Articulates the expectations for results among all stakeholder groups for student behavior and discipline

o Supports high expectations and standards for the academic and social development of all students and the performance of adults

o Demands student behavior and discipline that ensures student achievement of academic standards as outlined in the charter agreement

o Uses multiple sources of data collection to analyze barriers to achievement and to identify and apply behavior improvement strategies

o Supports the efforts of the Principal to actively engage the community to create shared responsibility for student and school success

  • Documents teacher performance, reflections, and improvement efforts through the PA-ETEP teacher observation system

Ø Personal and Professional Relations

  • Establishes and maintains effective two-way communications with all members of the school community regarding perceptions, expectations, and results

o Models a professional and personal belief system that is based in honesty, trustworthiness, unselfishness, and life long learning

o Works towards positive and productive relationships with all school stakeholders

Ø Legal and Administrative Obligations

  • Acts ethically and professionally at all times
  • Interprets and recommends the application of all laws, regulations, policies, and procedures pertinent to the behavior and discipline of students
  • Utilizes the knowledge of laws, regulations, policies, and procedures pertinent to the behavior and discipline of students to creatively solve problems

Ø Progress toward and completion of annual and long term goals

  • Regular and two way communication with Principal and CEO to ensure ongoing progress monitoring and discussion of key tasks and goals
  • Progress toward and the completion of long term goals is reported semi- annually
  • Supports and/or facilitates the work of members of the leadership team toward the completion of their individual and team goals

Ø Any and All Other Duties as Assigned by the Principal or CEO and/or Required by Statute, Regulation, or Policy

Reporting Relationships: The Vice Principal reports directly to the Principal and is responsible for the supervision and evaluation of paraprofessionals related to the appropriate application of the Discipline Code

Degree and Certification Requirements: The Vice Principal shall have earned a Masters degree, its equivalent, or a higher degree; standard certification as a supervisor or principal in the state of PA; and have served a minimum of five years in education, with demonstrated success in promoting and maintaining appropriate student behavior and discipline, quality school culture, family involvement, and rigorous curriculum and instruction.

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