The Line Between US: Teaching About the Border and Mexican Immigration

Posted by on May 19, 2006

In 1991, Rethinking Schools compiled our first special publication: Rethinking Columbus. This was on the eve of the Columbus quincentenary. For three solid months, the booklet sold 1,000 copies a day, seven days a week, ultimately selling well over a quarter million copies. As Howard Zinn said, Rethinking Columbus “made educational history” as it introduced teachers across the country to a more honest, critical, and multicultural version of the so-called discovery of America.

In the wake of enormous and unprecedented immigrant rights demonstrations, Rethinking Schools believes that we can have a similar impact today in educators’ approach to immigration issues. Our latest book, The Line Between US: Teaching About the Border and Mexican Immigration, by Bill Bigelow, helps students probe beyond the headlines and the superficial coverage in the mainstream media. Through role plays, simulations, short stories, poetry, startling statistics, background articles, and video recommendations, The Line Between Us looks at the big picture: What is the origin of the border between the United States and Mexico? What are the roots of migration from Mexico, and how has U.S. economic policy impoverished Mexico? What difficult choices do migrants face as they contemplate the trek north?

These are the kinds of questions that students need to think deeply about as they consider what a just immigration policy would consist of. Luis Rodriguez, acclaimed author of Always Running, says, The Line Between Us “is exactly what we need.”

Please forward this announcement to friends and colleagues, and help us spread the word about the book. To introduce people to this extraordinary resource, for a limited time, when you place your order you’ll receive 25% off the book’s regular price of $16.95 (plus shipping and handling). Simply visit our website, and click on the icon for The Line Between Us. You’ll find the book’s introduction, table of contents, additional information, and full ordering details.

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Bob Peterson
fifth grade teacher,
Rethinking Schools editor

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