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Posted on August 11, 2006


Helping You Take Your Student’s Education to a Higher Level of Achievement And Creating 21st Century Citizens

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August 16, 2006

Take a moment and imagine all of your students enthusiastically engaged in meaningful community service helping to create a better future for themselves, their community, our nation, the world, and future generations, while at the same time gaining the knowledge and skills that are essential for them to become successful and productive citizens. Within only a few years your community can be a healthier and more vibrant place. The Service-Learning – Student’s Guide & Journal is a tool that can help you make this happen.

The Service-Learning – Student’s Guide & Journal is the most widely used Service-Learning book in the country, helping students to raise the bar for learning and personal growth. This interactive resource is currently guiding and inspiring students to enhance their community while improving their thinking, writing, research, collaborative, and communication skills

Educators are thrilled with the results for example, Emily Lopez, Director of the YMCA’s After School New Beginnings Program in New York City, comments that: The Service Learning Journals are great! The journals provided direction for our students and the students were able to see their progress. As for the service providers (the teachers and case managers), they were able to track and assess the academic and social growth of their students. A very valuable tool for the educational development for our youth!

This book uses extensive journals for creative composition, charts to verify the student’s service, graphs to measure the student’s progress, and directed questions to elicit positive personal reflection from the student. There are now three editions of the Service-Learning – Student’s Guide & Journal: Elementary School, Middle & High School, and Higher Education (the Higher Education Edition is perfect for high school seniors).

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