Rebuild Workforce Development Manager, City of Philadelphia

Posted by City of Philadelphia on November 13, 2018

Agency Descriptions:

Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild) is an initiative of the City of Philadelphia (City) to improve physical conditions in selected parks, recreation centers and libraries. Rebuild is an initiative to be funded with hundreds of millions of dollars from bond proceeds, philanthropic funds, City capital funds, and state and federal grants. Rebuild is expected to be a 6-8 year program.

To implement Rebuild, a new office was created within the Managing Director’s Office (MDO), the office that manages and oversees the operations of the City. The Rebuild office is led by a senior management team comprised of an executive director and three deputy directors, each overseeing major areas of Rebuild’s work –design & construction, diversity & inclusion and community engagement & communications. Each deputy director reports to the Rebuild executive director who, in turn, reports to the City’s Deputy Managing Director for Communities and Culture. The senior management team will be supported by staff members in finance, contract compliance, communications, and project management. These Rebuild positions are exempt from City Civil Service requirements.

Job Description
The City of Philadelphia, through the Rebuild Initiative, seeks to use physical improvements in parks, recreation centers and libraries as opportunities to develop skills and create employment opportunities in the building trades for minorities and women. Two workforce development programs are framed by memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with the building trades: PHL Pipeline and the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) Talent Development Pipeline (TDP). The Rebuild Workforce Development Manager will be responsible for operationalizing these two programs. This work is expected to include building on preliminary plans that have already been developed, developing detailed implementation plans, putting services and administrative processes in place, managing the two programs, measuring performance, and refining the programs as necessary. This work will be undertaken in close coordination with the City of Philadelphia Office of Workforce Development.

The Workforce Development Manager is expected to report to the Rebuild Deputy Director for Diversity & Inclusion and coordinate closely with the Executive Director of the City’s Office of Workforce Development.

Responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to the following:

Workforce development duties:

  • Plan, operationalize and manage the PHL Pipeline and PRA Talent Development Pipeline programs, including:
  • Develop detailed implementation plans, including schedules, budgets, and funding plan; marketing and recruiting plan; screening, assessment and selection processes; supports for program participants; identification of services to be provided by Philadelphia Works and third parties; and performance measurement plan.
  • Manage RFP processes as necessary to procure services to be provided by third parties.
  • Manage the work of contracted parties, manage their contracts, and monitor their performance.
  • Work with the building trades on curriculum and to establish program participation goals based on apprenticeship program capacity and Rebuild labor needs and capacity. Help coordinate the placement of apprentice-ready program participants in positions on Rebuild job sites or other appropriate work opportunities.
  • Establish partnerships organization named in MOU and other relevant agencies.
  • Coordinate with the building trades, Philadelphia Works, the School District of Philadelphia, City departments, and other entities as appropriate.
  • Design and implement a plan for maintaining training records, reporting, and measuring performance (e.g., program participation, union apprenticeship acceptance, job placement, job retention); work to continuously improve the programs.
  • Analyze training needs to develop new training programs or modify and improve existing programs.
  • Evaluate sub-contractor/instructor performance and the effectiveness of training programs; identify recommendations for improvement.
  • Plan, develop, and provide training programs, using knowledge of the effectiveness of a variety of methods such as classroom training, demonstrations, on-the-job training, workshops, etc.
  • Prepare budgets for programs and monitor expenses.
  • Coordinate with other workforce development or pre-apprentice programs as appropriate.
  • In partnership with other City departments and other entities, coordinate alternative education and/ or work opportunities for participants who do not successfully complete Rebuild programs.
  • Coordinate with others to increase awareness of and interest in careers in the design and construction industries among minorities and women (e.g., middle school career days, school projects facilitated by architects and engineers, field trips to construction sites, etc.).
  • Assist efforts to achieve and surpass the workforce participation goals for Rebuild established in the Rebuild Ordinance (Bill No. 170206), including coordination with Project Users and contractors as appropriate.

General duties:

  • Coordinate closely with Rebuild’s deputy directors and the Executive Director of the City’s Office of Workforce Development.
  • Assist with communications and coordination with funders and the philanthropic community, and support fundraising efforts.
  • Coordinate with Council members, Council staff, and Council project manager in areas related to workforce development.
  • Assist with communications and coordination with the Rebuild Oversight Board and the Rebuild EOP Oversight Committee.

Background Information
PHL Pipeline is to be modeled in many respects on the PennAssist program created for the construction of The Pavilion at Penn Medicine, which was developed with the building trades, the University of Pennsylvania, Driscoll Construction, and Philadelphia Works. PHL Pipeline is made possible by a MOU signed by the City of Philadelphia and the building trades in June 2017. The goal of this program is to prepare individuals to take and pass an apprentice exam in the building trade of their choice. This preparation will occur through paid work readiness training; basic construction training, both classroom and worksite based; financial literacy training; safety training; and apprentice test preparation. Recruits do not need previous construction experience and are anticipated to include opportunity youth, returning citizens, and School District CTE graduates; recruitment of individuals from zip codes with high rates of poverty and unemployment will be a priority. Participants will have up to one year to pass an apprentice exam. After becoming an apprentice, program graduates are expected to have work opportunities on Rebuild projects because of incentives that will be provided to the organizations managing Rebuild projects.

The PRA Talent Development Pipeline (TDP) is made possible by a MOU signed by the City of Philadelphia, the PRA, and the building trades in June 2018. The TDP will create a pathway for union membership for individuals that are already skilled in a trade but not yet a union member. Participants who are successfully hired through the program will become traditional PRA construction employees and receive union benefits and membership with their respective trade, so long as they are employed by PRA and working on Rebuild projects. When the employee has completed 3,000 hours of work with PRA, they will have access to full union membership. If they elect this path, the employee will undergo a skills assessment developed jointly by PRA and the associated trade to determine the appropriate level of union membership at which they will enter the union. The employee will also receive guidance throughout the program in addition to attending a Building Trades Orientation program, to be developed by the Trades and City, so that they understand all of the rights and responsibilities of union membership.

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