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President & Chief Executive Officer
Job Description


The President/CEO
* Cultivates and engages business and community leaders to support the mission of Northern Home.
* Cultivates and engages individuals, foundations and funding sources to identify resources to support the mission of Northern Home.
* Oversees all aspects of operations, including but not limited to, program development, accreditation, financial stability, recruitment/retention/staff development, fundraising, networking and public relations.
* Provides support staff to the Board?s Standing Committees and provides information to the Board relating to the health of the Agency and trends that may affect this organization and the services it provides.


In collaboration with the Board, establishes the vision of the organization and inspires others within the organization to share that vision. Acts as a role model so that others can learn from interacting with the President/CEO. This person sets the stage for others to see problems as opportunities to change, improve and grow.

Establishes and maintains alliances, partnerships and other affiliations with public and private agencies and individuals to advocate and affect policy, legislative changes, and funding.

Assures the creation and development of fundraising opportunities to support the operations of Northern Home.

Works closely with the Board and assists all Board members in carrying out their responsibilities. Staffs the Committees of the Board of Trustees.

Solicits bids, reviews, approves and executes contracts responsibly and fairly. Reports at every Board meeting on these transactions.

Responsible for budget management, assures that the annual budget is prepared and approved by the Board and assures that revenues and expenditures through the program year are in concert with the approved budget.

Assures that the finances of the organization are strong and growth is consistent with the mission.

In conjunction with the Board of Trustees, the President/CEO assures that strategic planning occurs within reasonable timelines and transforms the Board?s strategic plans into operational objectives.

Assures that the annual budget is developed and presented to the Board for approval within specified timeframes.

Researches trends and positions the Agency to remain within the scope of the changing times especially as it relates to funding opportunities.

Keeps abreast of regulatory requirements including credentialing to assure the Agency is positioned to benefit from changes within the regulatory environment.

Assists the Board in locating new members.

Assures that programs are operating effectively and efficiently.

Assures that staff develops skills to be effective leaders through training and on the job experiences.

Assures that the Agency is in compliance with all regulatory requirements and has the necessary credentials to operate its programs.

Assures that there is adequate written communication so that all staff is aware of Agency?s policies and operational procedures including but not limited to: program and personnel manuals, operational objectives, documentation of departmental and administrative meetings, agency strategy, etc.

Prepares adequate and timely reports for the Board of Trustees and provides annual reports on the goals/ objectives and accomplishments of the Agency.

Assures that an Annual Report is issued and widely distributed. Additionally, other communications, including newsletters are developed within specific timelines and distributed to donors, and other interested individuals.

Oversees the operations through supervision of key staff, assuring that administrative and clinical reviews occur regularly and that feedback is adequate and

Ensures that systems are in place to provide effective outcome monitoring and continuous improvement in all critical department and program functions.

Provides direction and support that fosters competency and professional growth for all staff.

Assures that the Agency is known to the community and key organizations and individuals through a series of networking opportunities, the distribution of communications and publication of brochures and articles, appearance on local media programs, etc.

Develops good working relationships with federal, state and local politicians and the business community.

Actively participates in associations and conferences to assure that Northern Home?s voice is heard. Provide leadership to influence the direction of policies, practice, and funding at the federal, state and local levels.

Succession Planning
Develops a succession plan in conformity with the direction of the Board of Trustees.

Performs other duties as assigned.

A. Ability to communicate and interact with all levels of staff, funding sources, and the community in general.

B. Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.

C. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from varied groups, including the media.

D. Ability to accurately calculate data; as in addition, subtraction, and percentages.

E. Ability to give clear and concise oral and written instruction.

F. Excellent working knowledge of the Behavioral Health and Child Welfare systems. Knowledge of and ability to navigate other systems.

G. Ability to read and understand complex instructions such as regulatory policies.

H. Excellent working knowledge of the use of technology and pertinent software programs.


A. Education: Master?s Degree
B. Experience: 10 years experience with at least five years in administration, two of which in supervision.
C. Special Skills:
Experience interfacing with decision-makers in the business community.
Financial management.
Knowledge of human resources and benefit administration.
Excellent working knowledge of the federal, state and county regulation and standards.

For more information and to apply, contact:
Human Resources
Northern Home Children and Family Services
5301 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128
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