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Posted by on September 15, 2008

The Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition’s special double issue titled “Sustainable Food Systems:  Perspectives from the United States, Canada and the European Union” is now available electronically.

This special issue of the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition showcases food system experts from the United States, Canada, and the European Union. The authors provide their analyses of the global food system infrastructure and offer alternatives for creating a food system that is ecologically sound, socially just, economically viable, and ensures that all eaters have regular access to fresh and healthy food. This collection of articles explores how food and agriculture decisions determine the quality, quantity, and biodiversity of the food supply. The purpose of this special double issue is to explore sustainable food systems from philosophical, research, and application perspectives.

This rich set of articles can further stimulate critical thinking, discussion, research, and public policy development. This issue can be used as a companion piece for undergraduate and graduate coursework, a compendium for academic audiences, and a reference for pubic policy advisors, organizations, and sustainable food system advocates.

Go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Volume 3, Issues 2/3 to access the table of contents and abstracts.  Individual articles, volumes or a subscription can be purchased using the links on the left.

We would like to thank all of the authors and reviewers who contributed to this issue.

Best Regards,
Angie Tagtow, MS, RD, LD & Alison Harmon, PhD, RD, LN

Special Issue:
Sustainable Food Systems: Perspectives from the United States, Canada and the European Union


Sustainable Food Systems: Perspectives from the United States, Canada, and the European Union 103
Angie Tagtow
Alison Harmon

Food as Relationship 106
Frederick L. Kirschenmann

Getting Civil About Food: The Interactions Between Civil Society and the State to Advance Sustainable Food Systems in Canada 122
Mustafa Koc
Rod MacRae
Ellen Desjardins
Wayne Roberts

Sustainable Food Systems in Europe: Policies, Realities and Futures 145
Geof Rayner
David Barling
Tim Lang

Linking Sustainable Agriculture and Public Health: Opportunities for Realizing Multiple Goals 169
Michael W. Hamm

Attitudes and Behaviors of Low-Income Food Heads of Households Toward Sustainable Food Systems Concepts 186
Caroline B. Webber
Jamie S. Dollahite

The Role of Food Policy Councils in Developing Sustainable Food Systems 206
Rebecca Schiff

Do Farm-to-School Programs Make a Difference? Findings and Future Research Needs 229
Anupama Joshi
Andrea Misako Azuma
Gail Feenstra

Limiting and Enabling Factors of Collective Farmers’ Marketing Initiatives: Results of a Comparative Analysis of the Situation and Trends in 10 European Countries 247
Karlheinz Knickel
Corinna Zerger
Gundula Jahn
Henk Renting

The 100-Mile Diet: A Community Approach to Promote Sustainable Food Systems Impacts Dietary Quality 270
Nick Rose
Elena Serrano
Kathy Hosig
Carola Haas
Dixie Reaves
Sharon M. Nickols-Richardson

Locating Food Democracy: Theoretical and Practical Ingredients 286
Neva Hassanein

Educating Tomorrow’s Agents of Change for Sustainable Food Systems: Nordic Agroecology MSc Program 309
Geir Lieblein
Tor Arvid Breland
Lennart Salomonsson
Nadarajah Sriskandarajah
Charles A. Francis

Food Decision-Making Framework: Connecting Sustainable Food Systems to Health and Well-Being 328
Ardyth H. Gillespie
Laura E. Smith

Alison Harmon
Angie Tagtow

Helen E. Costello, Column Editor

The Future Control of Food: A Guide to International Negotiations and Rule on Intellectual Property,
Biodiversity and Food Security, edited by Geoff Tansey and Tasmin Rajotte 360
Reviewed by Katie Winstanley

The Triumph of Technique: The Industrialization of Agriculture and the Destruction of Rural America, edited by Robert Wolf 363
Reviewed by Helen E. Costello

Remaking the North American Food System: Strategies for Sustainability, edited by C. Clare Hinrichs and Thomas A. Lyson 364
Reviewed by Kelly D. Horton

As We Sow. A Documentary Film Produced and Directed by Jan Weber 366
Reviewed by Melinda Hemmelgarn

Ripe For Change. A Film Produced by Emiko Omori and Jed Riffe, Directed by Emiko Omori 367
Reviewed by Helen E. Costello

Angie Tagtow, MS, RD, LD
Food & Society Policy Fellow
Connecting Soil to Food to Health

Managing Editor
Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition

Environmental Nutrition Solutions
An ecological approach to food and health
13464 NE 46th Street
Elkhart, Iowa 50073

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