ITWorks Interns available for your org

Posted on October 10, 2011

ITWorks Interns are Now Available

It is with great pride that I share with you this opportunity to host a young person from our ITWorks program as an intern at your organization.

ITWorks Interns are an affordable way to give your organization extra capacity.  They are immediately useful within your organization due to their extensive training and they are fully supported by my team.

Also, this internship experience will change the student’s income potential for life by giving them valuable “on the job” experience.  I hope you will seriously consider making this 5 week commitment to change a life.

To learn more, please read below.  To apply, please click on this link:   Apply now for an ITWorks Intern.

In southeastern Pennsylvania, more than 70,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are neither in school nor employed. Currently, workplace internships and other opportunities to gain job skills and experience are available to only a fraction of these young people.

ITWorks offers a free, 16-week immersive IT training program to disadvantaged young adults.  Through 11 weeks of intensive classroom training, students work toward their Cisco IT Essentials certification and CompTIA A+ professional certification, learning the skills they need to be successful in entry-level IT positions.  Students also receive intensive career guidance, mentoring, and valuable life skills that will help them succeed in their new careers.

A 5-week internship inside a corporation or nonprofit is the capstone to the ITWorks program and provides a critical resume builder to these emerging young adults.


Students will be available for work on Monday, November 14th and are expected to work 9am-3pm, Monday through Thursday, for 5 weeks.

On Fridays students will come back to the classroom to debrief on the week and be taught additional professional skills.

Students will be provided with comprehensive support from NPower throughout their internship.  Their instructor and program manager will be immediately available to them and they can be brought back to the classroom if additional help is needed.

The ideal internship site should:

have a technology staff in place that the ITWorks student can shadow
provide enough work to occupy the students’ time
should include the student in as many different projects as possible in order to broaden the students’ view of the IT workplace.

It is the placement sites choice as to whether they pay the intern or provide an unpaid internship.  Priority will be given to those sites that can provide paid internships.

If you are unable to host an intern at your site, but would like to support our students, we are also offering an opportunity to sponsor an intern for a non-profit.

Please let me know now if you and your organization can provide this opportunity for one of these young people.

Apply Here

If you are unsure at this time and would like more information about our program and internship please feel free to contact Grace Harpole at

The students currently enrolled in the program were chosen from over 100 applicants.  They are eager, ambitious, and thankful for the opportunity.  For many, this internship will be their first experience inside a professional office.  Nothing can replace this opportunity as a chance to experience first-hand the kind of career that will truly change their lives for the better. Thank you for your consideration and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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