Center for Community College Student Engagement

Even One Semester: Full-time enrollment and student success

Posted on May 15, 2017

Student engagement and transcript data from the Center for Community College Student Engagement demonstrate the benefits of attending college full-time. Students who attend full-time for even one semester have an edge—the full-time edge—that is reflected in their higher rates of engagement, completion of gateway courses, persistence, and credential attainment. Given these findings, colleges should consider asking every student one straightforward
question: “Is there any way you could attend college full-time, even for one semester?”

A Fresh View of Attendance Patterns
Our national dialogue about higher education continues to focus on college completion, and it does so for good reason. If our country has an under-educated workforce, we collectively lose our edge in global competitiveness.
Equally important are the individual costs. Students who do not attain their educational goals cannot take advantage of all that a college degree brings, including better jobs, higher incomes, and the many benefits that accompany them.

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