Educators/ Facilitators, The PEACE Project

Posted on March 12, 2007

[emailed 3/08/07]

Job Opportunity: Educators/ Facilitators, The PEACE Project

We?re searching for outstanding candidates. ****Immediate April opening as well as next school year****

Seeking exceptionally talented, highly committed, and innovative educators to collaborate in developing The PEACE Project, a personalized and real world learning program at Philadelphia?s Freire Charter School.

Summary: The PEACE Project is an innovative educational program that offers new answers to the age-old question of how to best prepare high school students for their futures. The core principles of PEACE form its acronym: Personalized, Entrepreneurial, Active, Collaborative, and Exploratory. The Vision of The PEACE Project is ambitious and attainable: One day, all students will have the opportunity to explore their curiosities and passions while mastering society’s most valued skills. The real world will be the ?classroom? and education will happen everywhere in the community. Learning alongside experts trained in coaching, students will maximize their potential as they solve real problems and improve the lives of others. All students will be treated with the respect, resources, and relevance that are essential for cultivating new generations of decision makers and problem solvers. Education will be the lifelong pursuit that drives people toward sustainability, interdependence, and personal satisfaction. All students in The PEACE Project – regardless of educational history ? are held to the highest expectations, and they progress through personalized learning plans in order to most efficiently guide them towards their highest potential. PEACE realizes that learning is not a formulaic process; rather, it is variable and particular to each individual.

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? Inspire students to pursue their passions, build strong and meaningful relationships, and attain excellence in their academics and character

? Help students find relevance in essential skills that they might consider ?boring? or ?unnecessary?

? Understand issues of importance to today?s young people

? Encourage students to visualize and attain their personal and academic goals

? Model exceptional skills in professional communication, self-discipline, and personal responsibility

? Work with students individually as well as in groups

? Work with parents and guardians to construct Personalized Education Plans

? Cultivate relationships between students and community experts/professionals

? Be ?real,? honest, and compassionate with students

? Treat students as young adults, and hold them to those high expectations

? Be available to students to discuss their needs in a comfortable and non-judgmental manner

? Make home visits when appropriate

? Organize and attend events beyond traditional school hours, and help to bring people and resources to the program

? Accept students? unique qualities and differences


Salary for this position is competitive and depends on prior experience. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is included.

Apply Now

Applicants of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply for this position, please send a resume and cover letter to

In your cover letter, please consider the following questions:

? Why, and in what ways, are you inspired by the vision of The PEACE Project?
? In your opinion, what are the ideal conditions for learning?
? In your opinion, what are the key problems with the mainstream model of high school education?
? How can students most effectively collaborate with community experts in order to develop and apply their skills?
? How have your past experiences prepared you to thrive in this position as PEACE facilitator?
? Please include anything else that would help us learn about you as a highly effective person and innovative educator!

Freire Charter School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin, or disability

Questions? Please ask!

Contact Brett at 215-557-8555 x214 or 215-910-9663 or

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