Bringing Complementary Currencies into the Mainstream

Posted by on June 17, 2005

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The ACCESS Foundation has finally released the info about its international conference “BRIDGING THE CHASM: Bringing Complementary Currencies into the Mainstream” which will be held in Denver University, Colorado, United States from Sunday, July 31st to Friday, August 5th, featuring the foll owing kep people all over the world.

* Edgar Cahn ? US ? Time Dollar Institute
* Stephen DeMeulenaere ? Indonesia ? Appropriate Economics/Strohalm
* Bernard Lietaer ? US/Europe ? ACCESS Foundation
* Michael Linton ? Canada ? Open Money/Lets
* Toshiharu Kato ? Japan ? Founder Eco-Money, MITI
* Margrit Kennedy ? Germany ? MoNeta Institute
* Jean-Fran?ois Noubel ? France ? Angenius Institute
* Henk van Arkel ? Holland ? Stohalm

The following five subjects will be discussed in the conference.

* Currency design and innovations to address emerging social and economic needs.
* New and Enabling Technology Advancements
* Complementary Currencies and the Developing World
* Legal and Governance concerns on local and national levels.
* Online and continuing education for community practitioners.

Further information is available at:

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