2021 Keeling Curve Prize Invites Proposals for Climate Solutions – Feb 10

Posted by Keeling Curve Prize on December 15, 2020

Named after its creator, Dr. Charles David Keeling, the Keeling Curve is a graph that represents the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth’s atmosphere since 1958. Since the measurements began, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has steadily increased, representing anthropogenic climate change. It is the goal of the Global Climate Mitigation Project to bend the curve down.

To that end, the Keeling Curve Prize invites proposals from organizations around the world for innovative climate change solutions.

In 2021, ten prizes of $25,000 each will be awarded in the following areas:

Capture and utilization — Solutions advance technological and nature-based strategies for capturing and/or utilizing heat-trapping gases from the air or oceans.

Energy — Solutions aimed at decarbonizing energy, supporting zero-carbon energy innovations, and leading the way in improving the supply, distribution, and access of low or zero-emissions energy systems worldwide.

Finance — Solutions that are making financial mechanisms and economics work for greenhouse gas reduction and/or reversal ventures.

Social and cultural pathways — Solutions that change the way people consider, understand, and act concerning human impacts on planet Earth.

Transport and mobility — Solutions that are reimagining and reinventing all types of vehicles, fuels, and mobility options for both people and products. Such projects must confront the carbon footprint of the vehicles themselves and the routes traveled.

GCMT welcomes entries for active projects or programs (not ideas or untested hypotheses) from anywhere in the world. Prizes are awarded for ongoing work only (not as a reward for unimplemented ideas or past work).

Prizes will not be awarded to the same applicants two years in a row. However, if if an entry does not receive an award, it may be resubmitted the following year and in any subsequent years. Entries may be submitted in multiple categories are only be eligible to win in one category during any given year.

Proposal deadline: February 10, 2021.

Learn more and apply.

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