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2019-20 CCNYPA Regional Consortia Mini-Grants for Community Engagement – Sep 13

Posted on July 30, 2019

Request for Applications:
2019-20 CCNYPA Regional Consortia Mini-Grants for Community Engagement

Application deadline
September 13, 2019 or January 13, 2020

Civic imagination is “the capacity to imagine alternatives to current cultural, social, political, or economic conditions; one cannot change the world unless one can imagine what a better world might look like… an equal participant within a democratic culture, and as empathetic to the plight of others different than one’s self.”

CCNYPA is pleased to announce the availability of fifteen regional consortia mini-grants up to $1500 each to support regional efforts to cultivate civic imagination and deepen community engagement either among institutions and/or with community partners.

Aligned with CCNYPA’s mission, mini-grants should focus on one of these types: Catalyst Grants, Starter Grants, and Co-Sponsorship Grants. Each of these build on higher education’s capacity to cultivate civic imagination, deepen civic and community engagement, and strengthen CCNYPA’s regional communities. These funds are drawn from an internal grant and have been approved by CCNYPA’s Board.

All three types of mini-grants will accomplish this through one of the following focus areas:

1) Professional development for campus leaders such as center directors, staff, faculty, or students. Topics may include faculty development for course design for incorporating civic learning, service-learning, or community-based learning, and/or community-based research initiatives, enhancing promotion and tenure policies to value community engaged research, global service-learning, scholarship of engagement, student voter engagement, deliberative dialogue.

2) Issue-focused convening which highlights a community-identified need and gathers multiple stakeholders for synchronizing efforts to enhance community & economic development, such as: the opioid epidemic, food access & security, community gardens, refugee/immigrant integration.

3) Higher education gatherings for sector groups such as Research 1, Community College institutions, or others.

Grant Requirements for Regional Consortia Mini-Grants

Upon request, CCNYPA will assist and guide regional mini-grant consortia in program design and facilitators or speakers enlistment, in order to align and coordinate calendars with other regional consortia events.
Consortia will select a steering committee to work with CCNYPA. This committee will lead in event planning through program design, logistics, budget planning, developing printed agenda, coordination of room, and catering.
CCNYPA offers assistance with promotion of event, dissemination of event survey, Zoom webinar capability for conference calls, and registration coordination for a fee. Note that recommended lead-time for promotion is at least 8 weeks.

Mini-grant funds will be applied to programmatic content such as costs associated with logistics for speakers or facilitators (travel, housing), and/or technology. CCNYPA recommends that a nominal registration fee be charged to cover incidentals such as catering, space, or free registrations. If CCNYPA manages registration a small per person fee will be assessed for managing financial aspects of the event. (Note: excludes Co-Sponsorship grants)
A three-four page final report from consortia steering committee summarizing the event(s), achievement of goals/outcomes through event summary, PR and photos of the event, an invoice summarizing final expenditures due 30 days following the conclusion of the consortia mini-grant supported event(s) or by 6/22/20 All events must be concluded by 6/15/20. (Note: excludes Co-Sponsorship grants)

Grant Specific Requirements

  • Catalyst Grants Requirements: Catalyst regional mini-grant applications (up to $1500) will be co-designed by at least two CCNYPA member institutions.
  • Starter Grants Requirements: Starter regional mini-grant applications (up to $1000) will be co-designed by NY or PA higher education institutions who are not members in conjunction with at least one CCNYPA member institution. An intent to apply call is required; to set up an appointment contact Char Gray-Sorensen (
  • Co-Sponsorship Grants Requirements: Co-sponsorship Grants regional mini-grant applications offer event management, registration and promotion support. A MOU will outline agreements between sponsoring institutions and CCNYPA.

Application Requirements

  • Letters of support from each institution’s president in the consortia, and/or letters of support from community partners contingent on focus area.
  • Preference will be given to applications that emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mini-grant awards will be based on completed applications, compelling rationale for regional consortium, demonstration of building regional capacity to deepen community engagement, and applications which represent diversity within geographical regions and higher education sector type.

Application deadline: September 13, 2019 or January 13, 2020. Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis. Click here for a link to the application: Click on the following for a PDF copy of the application which you may use for reference only:

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